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A Research-Based Approach to Hospitality Consultancy

URPEAK specialises in providing consulting services to the tourism and hospitality industry. We work with companies in tourism and hospitality industry, providing valuable insights that enable them to make smarter management decisions. A multilingual team of hospitality experts, unique combination of academic excellence and industry experience puts us at the forefront of hospitality consultancy.

Our fields of expertise:

Jean-Jacques Yonnet

Learning & Development

The nature of the hospitality industry makes it very dependent on the service delivery process, which ultimately means that those providing these services need to possess technical skills, functional skills and people skills.

The success could then be measured by the organization’s ability to combine and apply those skills in every service encounter, along with its ability to manage costs and maximize profits.

As time often is a constraint in this dynamic and vibrant service environment, we want to help your organization gain competitive advantages by offering:


  • A careful identification of learning needs including provision of timely and relevant training solutions developing technical, functional and people skills.
  • Professional advises that bridge gaps between theoretical and practical knowledge thus leading to increased operational effectiveness. 
  • Development of management and leadership skills that enhance the self-esteem and improve communication and organizational capabilities. 

Dr. Peter Baumgart



Revenue Management

Revenue Management is unanimously considered a core function in airlines, with crucial importance for the bottom-line. The (admitted limitedly robust) research speaks of 2-5% profit increase by the introduction of a RM capability. Whilst capacity risks are somewhat smaller in hospitality, it also been introduced since the 1980ies, with Marriot among the pioneers.

Due to the mathematical nature of the topic, that goes along with specialist recruiting and IT system invest requirements, its implementation among hospitality businesses fell short of its natural business opportunity; and still today is rather limited to larg(er) hotel chains and Tour Operator groups.

Yet with the recent decade of IT revolution(s), the RM potential has never been more accessible to smaller businesses. Just as a few examples, off-the-shelf data visualization tools like Tableau provide powerful business insight, Python and similar tools allow to move beyond outdated time-series forecasting and companies like Duetto even allow to purchase Revenue Management on a SaaS basis.

So the one key prerequisite for accessing this profit opportunity is knowing what your business really needs. This is a mix of desired functionalities and the day-to-day practicalities of your own operation. Only after laying out a bespoke roll-out plan any consideration of system or service selection makes sense. And this is what we do.

Dr. Olga Novitskaya



Talent Management

Resources are critical to the competitiveness of any organization as they provide the means for exploiting opportunities and overcoming threats. One of the resources that have become extremely valuable in the contemporary business world is talent. Talent can be described as a combination of skills, strengths, giftedness, commitment, and experience that has the potential of making the most significant difference to an organization’s performance. We will analyse your company overall goals and strategy and formulate long-term action plans that will lead to the development of talent that support these overall goals and objectives.

The benefits of our talent management services include:

  • The ability to make more informed choices based on our expertise and extensive academic knowledge.
  • A streamlining of processes, including talent search, selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits.
  • Long-term cost-savings for your business with lower staff turnaround

Our talent management consultancy also offers a range of other services that aim to motivate your employees. We can help with leadership development, diversity training and succession planning.

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