Effect Positive Changes in Your Business by Applying a Research-Based Approach to your Growth and Development

Unique Insight into the Hospitality Industry from Academic Research and Analytics

URPEAK specialises in providing an academic approach to research and consultancy to the tourism and hospitality industry, with the aim of providing your business with useful insights to advance its growth.

People-Focused Research That Forms Successful Strategies

The hospitality industry is greatly affected by the current economic climate, not to mention ongoing innovation and development in the travel and tourism business sectors. In the hospitality industry, consumer behaviour is constantly changing and the most successful businesses adapt to these changes by anticipating consumer expectations. Business practices that brought success in past economic cycles may not be the best approach in today’s current industry state.

By dedicating your resources to research, you are essentially, future-proofing your business against unpredictable industry developments. Research brings unique insights that enable businesses to adopt new techniques and best practices early, ensuring that frameworks and processes for meeting future demands are already in place.

Anticipation of these changes can best be achieved through synergising the knowledge and experience of the hospitality industry, it’s universities, and its academic experts. At URPEAK, we have developed an impressive network of industry leaders, academics, and businesses that provide the answers that industry in general needs.

The research that we conduct provides insights into:

  • Talent Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Guest Service
  • Hotel Operations

Our research can help you identify best practices for your business by providing detailed case studies from both Swiss and international knowledge base. We can highlight the experiences, problems and solutions currently faced by individual organisations and the industry as a whole.

Dr. Olga Novitskaya

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