The results of a study by Dr. Steffen P. Raub suggests that full-time employment and organizational insider work status have a direct impact on employee job satisfaction and lower turnover. In his research, the author observed that “employees who feel that they are valued by their employer, that they belong, and that they receive appreciation and support from their colleagues should develop, in response, positive attitudes toward the organization  which will be reflected in greater job satisfaction and greater commitment to the organization”.1 Considering that many hotels operate on a seasonal basis, and can’t possibly afford keeping all of the employees on full-time contracts, a solution could be good job design. This means that employees should have following:

  • variety of different activities in their job,
  • the possibility to complete to a maximum degree a whole identifiable piece of work,
  • a vision of a substantial impact on the lives or work of other people as a result of their performance,
  • some level of independence and discretion,
  • regular feedback from management and peers on the effectiveness of their work.

Employees with well-designed jobs should be motivated to take personal initiative to anticipate guest needs and address service delivery issues at the source, resulting into greater guest satisfaction.

1Steffen P. Raub (2016). Perceived insider status and Job design predict job attitudes and work performance of restaurant employees. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, pp. 880–903


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