Dissatisfied guests tell their friends, family, and casual acquaintances about their poor experience in the hotel. Stories about poor service reduce revenue.

However, in contrast, stories describing excellent and considerate service is an extremely effective marketing tool and will increase your business.

How can a hotel employee provide excellent guest service to each and every guest?

Here is an example of an experience that made a guest extremely unhappy. The following also discusses how easily this property could have prevented this unhappy experience.

The unhappy experience in a Swiss Hotel
I made a reservation for one week at a 4 star hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland. In my reservation letter, I stressed that I was bringing my very shy cat. If my cat sees a stranger, she becomes terrified and tries to escape from the room. I stressed that no housekeeping staff should enter the room, unless I was there to hold my cat. I would keep a « DO NOT DISTURB » sign on the door to remind housekeeping staff that they must not enter my room. The hotel assured me that no housekeeping staff would enter my room if I was not there.

For your information, I often travel with my cat. She is a good guest and does not make noise. I supply her food and keep her liter box clean.

All went well for three days. To my horror, on the fourth day, I happened to go to my room in the middle of the day. The door of my room was wide open. Fortunately, the housekeeping lady was vacuuming the hallway so my cat was cowering under the bed since she was afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

The DO NOT DISTURB sign was still on the door. I asked the housekeeping lady if she had seen the sign and asked why she went into the room. She shrugged her shoulders and said, « I must clean the rooms ».

Immediately, I told the hotel manager what had happened. He shrugged his shoulders and said, « She is a replacement houskeeper ». He did not apologize. He was totally unconcerned that my cat might have disappeared.

This is not the way to encourage a guest to return to your hotel.

I tell everyone about my BAD experience at that hotel.


Av. Gratta-Paille, 2 | 1018 Lausanne | Switzerland