To get informed on a hotel prior to the reservation, most of your clients are turning to online reviews. Such reviews can have a big impact on the success or failure of your business. Therefore, monitoring online customer feedback and addressing any damaging content became vital for every business these days. The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute has addressed this issue and developed a Workbook on TripAdvisor Reputation Management for Front-Line Staff, which is provided within the Certified Gust Service Professional course. This workbook suggests that at least 30% of the negative reviews come from inaction on the part of the staff, when guest brought a problem to the staff’s attention, but they ignored the problem or didn’t do anything to try to fix it. Your response to a guest complaint can make a dramatic difference in the guest experience and the review a guest writes. Certainly, such factors as a property’s location are beyond your control, but travelers take a balanced view of reviews and are not persuaded by one review alone.

So how to manage the responses and what can be done to have an impact on guest satisfaction?
The workbook highlights several actions that every hotel employee should perform. Among them are use of intuition to read the guest’s need and being authentic in dealing with quests are most critical for the property success. The management team should also respond to both positive and negative guest reviews showing that the hotel cares about its guests. There is a very high probability that seeing a management response generally makes travelers to book at that hotel.


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