As a new supervisor, you must develop new skills, such as human relations and strategic thinking. In this new role, you have a broader range of responsibilities and must interact with many more people, such as suppliers, guests, management, labor unions, government regulators, and many more too numerous to list here.

You must do more than only ensure that all hospitality guests are satisfied.

You must motivate all employees to critically evaluate the experience of the “guest, who is KING”, to suggest how to improve the experience of the guest, and be willing to implement those suggestions, which have been accepted. Often, employees do not like changes to the current routine. However, in this new role, you must encourage all employees to think “out of the box” and must encourage all employees to “live” the organization’s brand of guest service.

You must be a strong and understanding leader. Admired leaders are sensitive to employees feelings and cultural differences. Additionally, you must set the accepted standard of good manners and ensure that all employees know that “poor manners” will not be tolerated. As your grandmother told you, “treat people like you would like to be treated”.

In this new role as supervisor, you have the important responsibility to meet the objectives of the mission statement. You must operate within the budget, maintain all necessary records, prepare all required documentation, and submit all required documentation by the stated deadline.

In any organization, to “meet the objectives and get the job done” often requires cooperation with other supervisors, interaction with higher level management, and extensive networking in all levels of the industry.

Are you a newly-promoted supervisor? Do you feel comfortable when you think about all these new responsibilities? Or, like many newly-promoted supervisors, you are worried that you do not know how to successfully meet the challenges and requirements of your new position?

Do not fret. We can teach you how to meet those challenges and requirements of your new position in the hospitality industry. We can give you extensive training so that you can be a confident and capable supervisor.

When you attend one of our Certified Hospitality Supervisor workshops, we will teach you about Supervisory Skills and teach you how to become an effective supervisor. The course covers such topics as Leadership, Time Management, Effective Communication, Handling Problems and Conflict, Orientation and Training, Motivation and Team Building, Staffing and Scheduling, Improving Employee Performance, and Supervision.

When can you attend our course? We look forward to hearing from you.


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