Certified Hospitality Department Trainer

Successful department trainers build a strong team and increase productivity, and strive for the three “S” of training: Standards, Service, and Safety.  Hospitality employees who complete the Trainer Development Programand who have job responsibilities that include training individuals for functional skills within their department qualify to earn the Certified Hospitality Departmental Trainer (CHDT®) professional designation.  The CHDT® designation provides formal recognition for those employees who not only excel at their own job, but also take on the added responsibility of showing others how to do the job right.

Upon enrollment into the CHDT®program, each candidate receives a package containing the Study Materials in English.  

The Trainer Development Program contains following topics:

  • How adults learn
  • How to prepare for and create training
  • How to lead one-on-one and group training
  • How to follow up on training.

There are also sections on e-learning, communication, and orientation. The candidate can choose to take the exam immediately, or within 6 months after enrolment.  The CHDT®exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a two-hour time period.  Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% to earn the CHDT®designation.  Candidates who do not achieve a 70% score may retake the exam up to two additional times at a cost of $25 per attempt.  Upon successful completion of the Exam the candidate receives Certificate from AHLEI and the CHDT®Lapel Pin.

Fee includes:
  • Study Materials in EN
  • AHLEI Exam
  • AHLEI Certificate
  • CHDT® Lapel Pin


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