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Discover effective instructional methods that can energize your teaching and help your students excel! The Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) program is the only professional development opportunity designed for post-secondary hospitality educators around the world. The CHE®enables you to strengthen students’ critical thinking and motivation to learn, share ideas with your peers, and receive recognition for your teaching abilities from students, colleagues, and the industry. The CHE®  designation may be used on letterhead, business cards, and other writings.


The intensive 4-day workshop covers following topics and significantly improves faculty skills in these areas:

  • Designing a course syllabus
  • Writing complete instructional objectives
  • Distinguishing appropriate learning levels for instructional objectives
  • Identifying general learning outcomes
  • Establishing a positive classroom culture
  • Demonstrating effective personal presentation style in the classroom
  • Demonstrating the appropriate use of support media
  • Applying appropriate content presentation methods
  • Identifying and employing effective classroom communication methods
  • Selecting appropriate interactive teaching methods
  • Employing appropriate methods for ending a class
  • Discussing student, teacher, and course evaluations

Because individual backgrounds vary widely in the hospitality industry, applicants may pursue the Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) designation through one of two options. All plans require documented evidence of academic and hospitality managerial experience as well as successful completion of a comprehensive examination and video. Plan A Eligibility | Must meet all requirements

  • Currently employed full-time as a post-secondary hospitality educator, with at least two years of experience in one or more such positions.
  • Have at least a four-year degree or international diploma from an approved institution
  • Have at least two years of full-time professional experience in the hospitality industry, with a minimum of one year in a managerial or supervisory position.

Plan B Eligibility | Must meet all requirements

  • Currently employed full-time or part-time as a Specialty post-secondary hospitality educator.
  • Have at least five years of full-time professional experience in the hospitality industry, with a minimum of two years in a managerial or supervisory position.

The CHE®examination is offered on the last day of the workshop. If you choose not to take the exam at the workshop, we require that individuals arrange to take their examination within two weeks. Exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a two-hour time period.

  • Passing score: 75% or higher.
  • Two retakes are allowed if a candidate does not pass the exam. The fee is $50 and must be completed within the same one-year timeframe of enrollment.
  • Exam is available paper-based.

Recertification: Every five years Once certified, designees are automatically enrolled in the CHE®Recertification Program, which recognizes and rewards continuing efforts toward hospitality career growth. A new certificate is awarded upon each recertification. How to Apply For the Online Application, have the following documents available to upload:

  • The Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) application form available on our website. It should be signed by you and your immediate supervisor.
  • Current Resume
  • Job Description
  • Download Application Form
  • Price: CHF 650.00
    The additional Certification Fee of 650 USD will be processed by AHLEI upon acceptance of the application. In case of rejection the total amount of the Workshop Registration Fee will be refunded.
The Total Fee includes:
  • 4-day workshop (Registration Fee is 650 CHF)
  • AHLEI Certification (650 USD will be processed by AHLEI upon acceptance of the application)
    • CHE® Pre-workshop Materials (Includes approximately six hours of readings and assignments that must be completed prior to attending the workshop.)
    • Participant Manual for CHE®Workshop
    • First exam
    • Certificate and lapel pin upon successful completion of the exam

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