Certified Hospitality Supervisor

The Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®) designation provides recognition of skills and competencies they need to manage their time. Supervisors will gain the know-how to communicate effectively, motivate their employees, resolve workplace conflicts, and to gain the respect, trust and support from the people who work for them.  

Upon enrollment into the CHS®program, each candidate receives Supervisory Skill Builder workbooks.

The candidate can choose to take the exam immediately or within 6 months after enrolment. The CHS®exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a two-hour time period. All test questions are designed to test the candidate’s mastery of various competencies derived from nine key areas of knowledge in combination with on-the-job hospitality work experience. The key areas of testing are:  

  • Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Orientation and Training
  • Motivation and Team Building
  • Staffing and Scheduling
  • Improving Employee Performance

  Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% to earn the CHS®designation.  Candidates who do not achieve a 70% score may retake the exam up to two additional times at a cost of $25 per attempt. Upon successful completion of the Exam the candidate receives Certificate from AHLEI and the CHS®Lapel Pin  

How to Apply For the Online Application, have the following documents available to upload:

  • The Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®) application form available on our website. It should be signed by you and your immediate supervisor.
  • Current Resume
  • Job Description
  • Copy of diploma or transcripts (if applicable)
  • Download Application Form
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
Fee Includes:
  • Study Materials
  • AHLEI Exam
  • AHLEI Certificate
  • CHS®Lapel Pin


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