Certified Hospitality Trainer

The Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) designation recognizes and validates the knowledge and skills of training directors and executives at the property and corporate level.  Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of training concepts including instructional design, assessing training needs, measuring and evaluating training, and mentoring.

Upon enrollment into the CHT program, each candidate receives a package containing the Exam Preparation Booklet and Resource Materials on CD.  The Exam Preparation Booklet contains exam-style questions, while the CD contains printable PDF files of learning materials covering the competencies referenced by the Booklet.  The candidate can choose to take the exam immediately or within 6 months after enrolment.  The CHT exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a three-hour time period.  All test questions are designed to test the candidate’s mastery of various competencies derived from ten key areas of knowledge in combination with on-the-job hospitality work experience. The key areas of testing are:

  • The Investment of Training and Development
  • Assessing Training Needs
  • Instructional Design
  • Training Tools, Techniques, and Technology
  • Measuring and Evaluating Training and Development
  • Training the Trainer
  • The Hourly Employee Orientation, Socialization, and Training Process
  • Mentoring
  • Management Development and Executive Education
  • Outsourcing Training and Development

Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70% to earn the CHT designation.  Candidates who do not achieve a 70% score may retake the exam up to two additional times at a cost of $50 per attempt.  Upon successful completion of the Exam the candidate receives Certificate from AHLEI and the CHT Lapel Pin. Prerequisites Because individual backgrounds vary widely in the hospitality industry, applicants may pursue the CHT designation if currently employed in these qualifying position(s):

  • Property-level training director, corporate level training executive, or department head at a hospitality company.

Candidate Time in Position: 1-year, OR

  • One current AHLEI management, department head, or executive certification takes 6 months off time requirement (limit 1)
  • Degree from an accredited academic institution will take 6 months off time requirement (limit 1)

  How to Apply For the Online Application, have the following documents available to upload:

  • The Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) application form available on our website. It should be signed by you and your immediate supervisor.
  • Current Resume
  • Job Description
  • Copy of diploma or transcripts (if applicable)
  • Download Application Form
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
Fee includes:
  • Study Materials in EN
  • AHLEI Exam
  • AHLEI Certificate
  • CHT®Lapel Pin


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